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About The Shilla Jeju

An Exclusive Getaway

An established resort hotel, The Shilla Jeju has cultural activities along with entertainment programs operating throughout the year. Onsite professional leisure staff, G.A.O.(Guest Activity Organizers) provide full traveling services. With various programs such as an adult pool, the Kids Cabin, Moonlight Swimming and the Glamping & Camping Village, The Shilla Jeju continues to lead the resort hotels category, providing guests with a memorable exclusive getaway.

A Leading Global Property

The Shilla Jeju is building a reputation as a resort nestled in the beautiful landscape of Jeju Island, the World Cultural and Natural Heritage site. Since its opening in 1990, The Shilla Jeju, as a great place to recharge where visitors can enjoy the service and culture, has become the resort hotel, beloved by heads of state and VIPs for successfully hosting a number of state visits and major international events. The hotel is leading the trend in the hotel industry with its unique exotic mood and facilities in the Jeju Special Self-governing Province, a popular world travel destination.

Hotel Shilla Co., Ltd. 3039-3, Saekdal-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Korea